Bring A Guest & Earn A Free Class

Please provide us with your information below. Add your guest full name and current email address to the message section. The "GUEST" must be a new member to the studio during the months of June and July. Your guest must attend class before you receive your complimentary class. This promotion is for existing members only.

The Fine Print.

Please be sure to sign your guest in when you visit the studio. There will be a sign-in sheet for each class. It is your responsibility to communicate with the Stables Staff that you referred your guest before the class has begun. Once the class has finished the member will no longer be considered a guest. This promotion is for existing clients only. Each current member will receive one (1) free class per new guest starting June 10th to August 1st. All free classes have 10day exp. 

The Stables Spin Studio

* A "Guest" is defined as someone who has never been to the studio.